Highly efficient blocking solution for Western blots

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PUREBlockTM is a ready-to use blocking solution for western blots. The highly efficient blocking enables blots with significantly reduced background levels. Primary and secondary antibodies can be directly diluted within PUREBlockTM. PUREBlockTM is applied as any other blocker for immunodetection on western blots. Existing protocols or incubation times do not have to be changed, at least as a starting point.


PUREBlockTM contains a selected mixture of casein fragments together with other blocking components. Compared to milk powder or BSA, we can regularly expect improved results. Moreover, PUREBlockTM offers enhanced binding conditions of the antibodies, compared to other blocking buffers.


Due to reduced cross-reactivity, depending on the individual experimental conditions, lower antibody concentrations may be required without loosing signal intensity.


PUREBlockTM is one of the active components of the PURITYTM HRP reagent. It is suited for everybody who wants to improve the results of a classical sequencial western protocol. Including those, whose antibodies do not have the affinity, that is required for Western Blot 2.0 with PURITYTM.

  • ready to use solution
  • no need to exchange current protocols
  • defined components ensure consistent high quality
  • highly efficient blocking of unspecified binding sites
  • reduced background development
  • enhanced reproducibility
  • less cross-reactivity
  • replaces BSA or milk powder
  • replaces TBST when using phosphospecific antibodies

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PUREBlockTM 1X Blocking buffer

500 ml



PUREBlockTM 1X Blocking buffer

60 ml