Wavelength [nm]: 312

Filter size [mm]: 210 x 260

Description: 6 x 8 W, 70%/100% adjustable



Super-Bright® transilluminators are the first choice for analytical applications of all kind.

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Your benefits

The quality of gel visualisation and documentation is drastically enhanced, not only for ethidium bromide stained gels, but also for SYBR Green™ and a big number of other fluorophores.

The Super-Bright® transilluminators have a special equipment which results in a very homogeneous illumination of the complete filter plate and in a minimized background signal. Thus, the contrast of the gel is enhanced automatically, so that even weakest bands can be identified. Compared to standard UV transilluminators, up to 25% better results are obtained especially for SYBR Green™, SYBR Safe™, SYBR Gold™ and SYPRO orange™.

  • Optimal results for a big number of dyes, e.g. SYBR™ dyes or ethidium bromide
  • UV tubes almost not visible any more, that means no background signal
  • Better contrast, that means even weak bands are easily visible
  • Exceptionally homogeneous illumination of the complete filter plate
  • Infinite lifetime of the filter
  • Very low amount of infrared light
  • Special camera filter for maximum transmission of the fluorescent light to the camera
  • Ondulex reflector
  • Continuosly adjustable UV protective shield
  • Stainless steel frame
  • Intensity selector (70%/100%)