Wavelength [nm]: 4 x 8 W 365 / 5 x 8W 312
Filter size [mm]: 210 x 260 
Description: 20 kHz ELB, wavelength selector switch


Top model of the UV transilluminators. Optimum results for analytical experiments, ideal for preparative work.

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Your benefits

Super-Bright® light tables significantly improve the quality of gel visualization and documentation.

The Super-Bright® UV light tables enable background-free illumination of the entire filter surface without visible light components. This improves the contrast in the gel so that even the faintest bands can be identified. It can also be used to measure dyes that are outshone by the blue-violet background light in conventional UV transilluminators. These include a large number of ethidium bromide replacement dyes.


The Super-Bright® Multiband transilluminator TCP-26.LMX represents the top model of this type series, as it combines the above advantages with the advantages of the Multiband transilluminators. Due to its wavelength selector, ideal conditions for analytical as well as for preparative work are guaranteed. As well, analyses have shown that excitation with 365 nm Super-Bright® UV-light leeds to excellent results for Q-Dot™ dyes or AMC.

  • optimal results for a large number of fluorophores, e.g. Q-Dots™, SYBR™ dyes, Midori-GreenTM, GelRedTM or ethidium bromide
  • wavelength selector, perfect for analytical and preparative work
  • flicker-free due to 20 kHz electronics
  • UV tubes almost not visible any more, that means no background signal
  • shadow-free illumination of the complete filter plate
  • better contrast, that means even faint bands are easily visible
  • infinite lifetime of the filter
  • very low amount of infrared light
  • Ondulex reflector
  • continuosly adjustable UV protective shield
  • stainless steel frame