The 470 nm Skylight blue LED transilluminator is ideal for visualising Midori  GreenTM or SYBR® dyes without exciting them with UV.

Your benefits
Examples of use

  • ideal for the visualisation of SYBR® dyes, Midori GreenTM or similar dyes without exciting them with UV
  • as Skylight-Pad variant usable in current imaging systems from Vilber, with F-999 detection filter even usable for ethidium bromide
  • high purity of light for very intense signals
  • high-performance LED arrays with its special arrangement ensure homogenous illumination of the complete table
  • continuously adjustable orange filter for the direct visualisation of the samples as well as for preparative work.
  • compact design
  • housing and filter frame made from stainless steel

The Skylight LED transilluminator is ideal for the in gel detection of dyes like GelGreenTM, MidoriGreenTM, EvaGreenTM, PeqGreenTM, Sybr Gold®, Sybr Safe®, Sybr Green® I & II und eGFP®.