UV radiometer

Measurement of UV intensity, dose and irradiation time

To be used with exchangeable sensors


The radiometers from Vilber Lourmat measure UV light intensity for a specific wavelength, 254 nm, 312 nm or 365 nm. They are designed for an accurate and direct measurement of the UV radiation.


For all models, the measurement of the UV radiation is done by a silicon photodetectors for the direct measurement of the UV intensity. There is no UV light converted into visible light which may cause incorrect calculations. The VLX-3W is a highly accurate and user friendly radiometer. It is controlled by a microprocessor to program and to measure the UV radiation dosage according to two parameters: time (min or sec) or energy (J/cm²). The VLX-3W is connectable to three interchangeable sensors, which have to be used one at a time. The sensors have to be ordered separately, they are available in 254 nm, 312 nm or 365 nm.

  • 3 interchangeable sensors available: CX-254, CX-312 und CX-365
  • stop button and displaying irradiation time, UV dose, minimum and maximum intensity
  • standardized calibration of the radiometer
  • certificate included


  • intensity: 0 - 250 mW/cm²
  • energy: 0 bis 99999 J/cm²
  • time: 0 - 99 h


  • intensity levels, automatic range:

range 1: 0,0000 - 99,999 mW/cm²

range 2: 100,00 - 250,00 mW/cm²


  • energy levels, automatic range:

range 1: 0,0000 - 9,9999 J/cm²

range 2: 10,000 - 99,999 J/cm²

range 3: 100,00 - 999,99 J/cm²

range 4: 1000,0 - 9999,9 J/cm²

range 5: 10000 - 99999 J/cm²