Wavelength: 365 nm
Filter size: 135 mm reflector
Intensity: ~ 45 mW/cm² at 38 cm distance

High performance Xenon discharge UV-A lamp with especially high illumination intensity. Robust, rubber coated, easy to use lamp with extra high range and outstanding sensitivity.

Your benefits
Examples of use

The model VL-UVA RI 1H is battery operated and, due to its high light intensity and the very clean spectrum, optimally suited for sensitive assays. The maximum illumination intensity is already reached after 5 seconds, accompanied with very low heating-up of the lamp during the hole experiment.

  • Optimally suited for sensitive and regular assays
  • Robust, easy to use
  • Immediately ready for operation
  • Low heat production
  • Battery operated

  • Fluorescence analytics
  • Riboflavin testing
  • Detection of contaminations
  • Detection of leaks (e.g. in motors, cooling systems, water pipes, pipelines)
  • Detection of organic materials
  • Control of cleaning and hygiene (e.g. detection of dust in clean rooms or OPs, control of contamination in rooms of  food production, hotels, restaurants, sanitary facilities)
  • Quality control (e.g. in the production, genuineness control)
  • Forensic