Microprocessor-controlled, cooled UV irradiation system for petri dishes and microtiter plates.

Technical Data
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In the BIO-SUN irradiation system, the emission of the UV light is constantly monitored by a microprocessor. The irradiation stops automatically when the dosis (energy) received matches the energy programmed. Thanks to its UV sensors, the irradiation cycles are perfectly reproducible, regardless of intensity fluctuations of the UV source. Just programme your irradiation dosis and BIO-SUN delivers it!

The BIO-SUN-UV.H variant is especially suited, if microdoses of UV-B need to be applied highly homogeneous.

  • Two UV sources (4 x 30 Watt 365 nm and 1 x 30 W 312 nm)
  • Irradiation area for Petri dishes : 260 x 120mm
  • Irradiation area for microtiter plates : 260 x 90mm
  • 2x 30 Watt 254 nm germicidal tubes for sterilization of the irradiation area
  • Irradiation homogeneity 312 / 365 nm: ± 5 / 7 %
  • Irradiation distance: 25 mm

  • large irradiation area, homogeneously illuminated
  • continuous control of the UV irradiation and data acquisition by calibrated UV sensors, re-calibration possible with certificate
  • minimum dose for UV-A / UV-B: 10 / 11 mJ/cm²
  • irradiation time less than 40 seconds for a programmed dosis (energy) of 150 mJ/cm²
  • up to 6 UV measurements per second
  • tray temperature does not exceed 30°C (86°F) for room temperature of 20°C (68°F)
  • optional interface enabling connection between the BIO-SUN and a computer for data monitoring and recording