Large UV darkroom


Model variant with

two 15 watt 254 nm UV tubes and

two 15 watt 365 nm UV tubes,

can be switched separately or together.

Your benefits
Examples of use

The CN-15 darkroom is a generously designed viewing chamber in which you can qualitatively analyze samples under UV protection and locally shielded from ambient light. The integrated white light source eases positioning of the object.
The chamber includes four intensive 15 watt UV tubes in two wavelengths, which illuminate the chamber homogeneously. You can switch them separately or in common. The tubes are subsequently filtered to improve fluorescence observations. The filter used drastically reduces the visible light components that are also emitted by the tubes.
On top of the viewing cabinet is a screen for visual observation, in which a UV-opaque pane is incorporated. The sample is inserted from the front through a wide black rubber curtain. The base plate can be removed so that the chamber can also be placed over larger objects.

  • intensive and homogeneous illumination thanks to 15 watt UV tubes
  • flicker-free due to electronic ballast with 20 kHz technology
  • high UV purity through post-filtering of the UV tubes
  • viewing screen with UV absorber shield
  • observations are UV-protected and locally shielded from ambient light
  • white light source for convenient sample positioning
  • access to the chamber via a 40 cm wide, black rubber curtain
  • dimensions, L x W x H [mm]: 505 x 415 x 280

  • thin layer chromatography
  • coating controls e.g. in electroplating, on labels, adhesive strips, hook-and-loop fasteners
  • detection of oil residues and fat residues
  • geological analyses
  • authentication or development of banknotes