NEWTON 7.0 FT-500 Plant

Bioluminescence and fluorescence imaging of plants.

Extensive adaptations to the needs of plant research.

Your benefits

  • Extreme sensitivity for BLI and FLI
  • Extremely low measurement background
  • Cutting-edge camera technology with unique f/0.7 lens
  • Superior image quality
  • 3D sample positioning
  • Optical zoom by Z-axis motorization
  • Macro capable (6x6 - 20x20 cm)
  • User-friendly and enabling high throughput
  • Proprietary fluorescence scanning technology
  • Better homogeneity, higher spectral purity, lower autofluorescence
  • Robust and durable construction with the highest manufacturing quality
  • NIST calibrated data
  • Extensive and license-free software


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