NEWTON 7.0 FT-900

The new NEWTON 7.0 FT-900 opens up completely new possibilities for multispectral in-vivo analysis of small animals.

Your benefits

The NEWTON 7.0 FT-900 is currently our most powerful in vivo imager.
It enables multispectral fluorescence and bioluminescence imaging in the range of around 400 nm up to 1700 nm (VIS, NIR I and NIR II). Smart and extremely sensitive, it enables non-ionizing and minimally invasive visualization of biological processes in real time.

This state-of-the-art optical imaging system can also use the special capabilities of the NIR II spectrum to penetrate even deeper into the tissue of small animals than ever before. This enables more detailed and sharper images with less autofluorescence. This technology is suitable, for example, for visualizing the vascular blood flow in a mouse, for monitoring tumor progression or for measuring single-cell luminescence.

The new system expands the high detection and in-depth analysis capabilities of the multispectral NEWTON FT-500 with a second optical window (1000 - 1700 nm).


  • Dual camera system for measuring VIS/NIR I at 400-900 nm and NIR II at 1000-1700 nm
  • Extreme sensitivity and outstanding image quality
  • Outstanding low measurement background
  • NIST calibrated data for absolute quantification
  • Extensive license-free software with integrated AI capabilities
  • Cutting-edge camera technology with a unique f/0.7 lens
  • Integrated 3D mouse mapping for BLI
  • Proprietary fluorescence scanning technology for better homogeneity, higher spectral purity and very low autofluorescence
  • Select: 10 excitation channels (440 to 980 nm) and 14 HQ emission filters (500 to 1600 nm)
  • Robust and durable construction with the highest manufacturing quality
  • motorized XYZ axes, macro capable (6x6 - 20x20 cm)

  • Tumor and infection monitoring
  • Cell migration studies
  • Visualization of vascular structures and microcirculation
  • Bioparticle distribution and nanoparticle tracking