The top system of gel documentation. For DNA, RNA and protein imaging.

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INFINITY imaging systems represent the reference class of gel documentation. The high end 'scientific grade' camera with 16-bit pixel depth as well as 2,0 MP CCD sensor offers power reserves also for demanding applications. The compact darkroom is available in a large number of configurations. Super-Bright illumination and filter technology, LED epi and trans illumination as well as UV epi illumination or classical UV sources are available. Thus, a broad spectrum of DNA, RNA and protein fluorescence applications can be performed with this system. For comfortable preparative work, the integrated UV transilluminator is completely extendable.

The intuitive INFINITY-Capt image acquisition software contains the unique 'Image Master' assistant for easiest generation of quantifiable data of highest possible quality as well as basic modules for molecular weight analysis, quantification and R(f) analyses and for colony counting. More extensive analysis software can be integrated without problems.

  • Premium system for gel documentation and for quantifications
  • Unrivalled resolution: 2,0 MP 'scientific grade' CCD sensor for even more richness of detail
  • 16-bit pixel depth
  • Completely extendable UV or LED transilluminator
  • Easiest operation and high-quality production
  • Delivered with the powerful analysis and control software INFINITY-CAPT
  • GLP file
  • Optional motor zoom with autofocus function

  • Gel documentation and nucleic acid fluorescence detection of agarose gels; fluorophores as Ethidiumbromid (EtBr), SYBR® Green, SYBR® Gold, SYBR® Safe, Vista Green, Midori Green, FAM™, Gel Star®, GelRed™, GelGreen™, RedSafe™, Safe-Red™
  • Protein fluorescence detection in SDS-PAGE gels with fluorophores as SYPRO Ruby™, DAPI™, Deep Purple™
  • Detection and documentation of protein gels stained with Coomassie Blue, Poisson, silver