SPECTRA capsules

SPECTRA capsules bring next level fluorescence capabilities to FUSION EDGE imager. The compact light sources can easily be added to existing instruments. Thanks to integrated electronics they are automatically detected and integrated into the user interface.

Your benefits

Equipped with two precisesly designed optics, these laser class II elements generate a highly intense and thoroughly directed illumination of your sample.



With sophisticated spectral purity, SPECTRA capsules open up a new world of appliciations. Together with a wide range of highly specific emission filters, virtually every single fluorescence dye can be imaged.

  • high spectral purity, high specifity
  • highly intense lightsources (laser class II), pulsed
  • focussed illumination of the sample
  • up to 7 channels installed,  9 channels (365 to 780 nm) available
  • fully automated measurements
  • choose what you need, when you need it
  • multiplex, sequential or parallel illumination
  • wavelength compensation for better image quality
  • custom made solutions for new dyes are possible

  • Our aim is to be able to detect every single relevant fluroescent dye within the detection range from about 400 nm to 870 nm. Examples are: SYPRO Ruby™, DAPI™, Deep Purple™, GFP™, eGFP™, CFP™, YFPTM, RFPTM, Fluorescein, Flamingo Pink™, DyLight 488™, DyLight 680™, Alexa 488™,  Alexa 555™, Alexa 568™, Alexa 633™, Alexa 647™, Alexa 680™, Atto594TM, Atto647TM, AttoPhos™, Cy2™, Cy3™, Cy5™, Pro-Q DiamondTM, Rhodamine™, QDOT 565™, QDOT 655™, QDOT 705™, BodyPy FL™, BodyPy TMR™, FITC™, Phycoerythrin™, Sulforhodamin S™, mCerulianTM, mCherry™, mTomatoTM, in the NIR field dyes like DyLight800™, IRDye750™, IRDye800™, Oyster680™, Oyster800™, IRDye680TM, IRDye800TM
  • multiplex fluorescence applications