Newest generation of the leading system for chemiluminescence, bioluminescence and fluorescence imaging. Available in different configurations, modular upgradeable. One-click button solution with highest sensitivity and best image quality.

Your benefits

Our custom made V0.7 lense represents an essential component of the new FUSION generation.  Particularly developed for the requirements of Bio-Imaging, it is, record breaking fast, a pre-requirement for ultimate sensitivity and engineered with ultra high quality aspherical components, to deliver consistently sharp images.


Together with our optimized HSR camera technology, this adds up to a unique combination of linearity, signal dynamic and unrivalled sensitivity.


The outstanding manufacturing quality of our FUSION FX systems as well as the modular system architecture, offer a future-proof investment, that can be adapted to changing application requirements.


Hundreds of publications acclaim its significance for leading labs all over the world.


These improvements of our FUSION FX help to eliminate sources of errors, improve the reproducibility and further lower the threshold for unexperienced users.

The aquisition control and analysis software EVOLUTION-CAPT impresses with its intuitive user interface. It has been revised completely, thus the smart-imaging concept enables optimized measurements with one mouse click.


The 'Image Master' Assistant ™ creates an objective assessment of the image quality. If desired, the marker can also be overlaid automatically, even in color. The BIO-1D advanced evaluation package enables extensive evaluations and presentation of the measurement data even in 3D data view.

  • best signal dynamic, unrivalled sensitivity
  • wide range of applications for chemiluminescence, bioluminescence and fluorescence
  • amazingly easy one-click button concept
  • completely automated
  • hundreds of scientific publications and references
  • flexible configurable imaging platform, modular upgradeable
  • nine epi illumination channels (capsules) from UV to NIR available
  • individual custom made solutions possible
  • padbox concept for transillumination sources, fully extendable
  • several UV and LED transillumination pads available
  • motorized filter wheel
  • colored marker imaging
  • laser positioning system
  • electromagnetic locking system
  • GLP documentation
  • prepared for CFR 21 part 11

  • Highly sensitive detection of chemiluminescence on western -, northern, soutern blots with substrates as PURECL™ DURA, PURECL™ ULTRA, ECL™, SuperSignal™, Lumi-Phos™, Clarity Western ECL SubstrateTM, CDP Star™, CSPD™, Atto-Glow™, WesternBreeze™, Novex® AP™, Luminata Classico Western HRP Substrate™, Western-Bright ECL™, Immobilon Western Chemiluminescent HRP Substrate™, Western-Lightning ECL™
  • Our aim is to be able to detect every single relevant fluroescent dye within the detection range from about 400 nm to 870 nm. Examples are: SYPRO Ruby™, DAPI™, Deep Purple™, GFP™, eGFP™, CFP™, YFPTM, RFPTM, Fluorescein, Flamingo Pink™, DyLight 488™, DyLight 680™, Alexa 488™,  Alexa 555™, Alexa 568™, Alexa 633™, Alexa 647™, Alexa 680™, Atto594TM, Atto647TM, AttoPhos™, Cy2™, Cy3™, Cy5™, Pro-Q DiamondTM, Rhodamine™, QDOT 565™, QDOT 655™, QDOT 705™, BodyPy FL™, BodyPy TMR™, FITC™, Phycoerythrin™, Sulforhodamin S™, mCerulianTM, mCherry™, mTomatoTM, in the NIR field dyes like DyLight800™, IRDye750™, IRDye800™, Oyster680™, Oyster800™, IRDye680TM, IRDye800TM
  • multiplex fluorescence applications
  • luciferase assays
  • 1D and 2D gel analyses of nucleic acids and proteins
  • molecular weight analyses and quantification
  • total protein fluorescence detection in SDS-PAGE gels with fluorophores as SYPRO Ruby™, Deep Purple™, FlamingoTM Fluorescent Protein Gel Stain, TGX Stain-FreeTM gels
  • gel documentation and nucleic acid fluorescence detection of agarose or SDS gels with fluorophores as ethidium bromide (EtBr), SYBR Green™, SYBR Gold™, DAPI™, Vista Green™, SYBR Safe™, Midori Green™, FAM™, Gel Star™, GelRed™, GelGreen™, RedSafe™, SafeRed™, PicoGreen™, SafeWhite™
  • detection and documentation of protein gels stained with Coomassie Blue or silver
  • detection of colored stains on membranes like Ponceau S, TMB, BCIP/NBT
  • imaging, documentation and quantitative analysis of dot blots and microtitration plates
  • Colony Counting