The basic system for Western blot, chemiluminescence imaging
Straightforward, powerful

Your benefits

Compact external dimensions, uncompromising performance, application-focused.
The entry-level series is particularly suitable for laboratories that have little bench space or previously only had access to a departmental device or a film developer. The specially developed fixed-angle lens (F: 0.7) sets standards in terms of image sharpness and imaging properties.
The specially designed camera electronics together with the highly efficient Peltier cooling ensures a low background and an excellent signal-to-noise ratio.
Like all VILBER darkrooms, the new compact darkroom is made of metal. It has a height-adjustable sample plate and adjustable LED incident light.

The aquisition control and analysis software EVOLUTION-CAPT impresses with its intuitive user interface. It has been revised completely, thus the smart-imaging concept enables optimized measurements with one mouse click.


The 'Image Master' Assistant ™ creates an objective assessment of the image quality. If desired, the marker can also be overlaid automatically, even in color. The BIO-1D advanced evaluation package enables extensive evaluations and presentation of the measurement data even in 3D data view.

  • straightforward, easy to use, yet extremely sensitive
  • compact external dimensions with minimal space requirements
  • specifically developed for demanding chemical and bioluminescence applications
  • calibrated LED incident light source and height-adjustable sample plate
  • very simple user guidance and extensive tools for analysis and presentation of the measurement data
  • model variants with modular upgrade options for fluorescence available

  • Highly sensitive detection of chemiluminescence and western blots with substrates as PURECL™, ECL™, SuperSignal™, Lumi-Phos™, CDP Star™, CSPD™, Atto-Glow™, WesternBreeze™, Novex® AP™, Luminata Classivo Western HRP Substrate™, Western-Bright ECL™, Immobilon Western Chemiluminescent HRP Substrate™, Western-Lightning ECL™
  • Luciferase assays
  • Molecular weight analyses and quantification