.CAPT softwares

We deliver all gel documentation and chemiluminescence systems with an image acquisition and analysis software.

Your benefits

The different .CAPT softwarescan only be acquired together with one of our imagers. They allow, amongst others, analyses such as molecular weight, quantification of bands, colony counting and distance calculation. They also include image enhancement features, e.g. for documentation of an experiment or for preparation of a presentation. The modules are easy to use and contain extensive help functions. With just a few clicks you obtain sophisticated results.

For further analyses, we recommend our BIO-1D analysis software.

Image acquisition (selection)


  • Grid display for gel positioning
  • 'Image master' assistant for data control
  • 'Optimum display' function
  • Application manager
  • Context sensitive help
  • Labelling manager
  • Inversion
  • Brightness and contrast
  • Rotation, mirroring, cutting
  • Overlay
  • False colours
  • GLP file
  • Image export


Analysis (selection)

(all .CAPT softwares):

  • Catalogue function for easy finding of stored images
  • Display of the signal profile
  • Automatic detection of bands
  • Molecular weight or R(f) value calculatoin
  • Calculation of volume, height and area
  • Colony Counting
  • Easy export of the data


Network access to E-BOX VX2 (E-CAPT)


Prepared for CFR part 11 of the FDA (FUSION-, INFINITY, QUANTUM- and BIO-CAPT)