BIO-GENE is a powerful software package for the serial analysis of lane-bound band patterns.

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The BIO-GENE helps answering the question, if a certain band or a certain band profil had been already seen in an earlier experiment. Especially if multiple, perhaps hundreds of different experiments have to be compared and the result has to be summarized in a dendrogram.

Extensive screenings in the context of relationsship studies belong to the most frequent applications. The core of the BIO-GENE is a flexible database structure, which normalizes, files, and makes accessible in a fast and reliable way thousands of data points from hundreds of experiments.

The data can be analyses as matrix, dendrogram or with band matching with different comparison algorithms.

  • Storage and sorting of the data in a flexible database
  • For all serial experiments with lane-bound band pattern (e.g. RAPD-PCR, DNA fingerprints, thin layer chromatography)
  • Optimised image and profile display for exact lane profile creation
  • Comparison of hundreds of samples by one mouse-click
  • Internal normalisation corrects experimental running differences
  • Multiple dendrogram algorithms for tracing of spikes and cluster validation
  • Creation of flexible clusters analysis

  • Molecular weight analysis or R(f) value determination
  • Identification of lanes or patterns in the database
  • Display of the compliance in a matrix
  • Display as matrix or dendrogram
  • Binary display of the lane profiles
  • Analysis of a multiplicity of samples