Gel Documentation
  • Digital Gel documentation and analysis software
  • Camera systems for any application from ethidium bromide to SYPRO ™-Orange
  • Fluorescence Imaging systems for gels and membranes
  • Quantification and documentation
  • UVA, RGB and NIR LED epi-illumination
  • Bioluminescence and Chemiluminescence systems for Western blots and Northern blots
  • Macroarrays and MTPs with substrates as ECL ™ or Luciferase
Western blotting reagents

Western blot HRP substrates, blocking buffer, washing buffer, all-in-one Western Blot workflow reagent

in-vivo Imaging

Bioluminescence and fluorescence imaging of small animals or plants

UV instruments

UV transilluminators, UV handlamps, UV crosslinker, UV irradiation systems, UV radiometers, UV darkrooms, UV replacement tubes

Thin layer chromatography
  • Analysis systems for thin layer chromatography
  • Darkrooms with integrated UV lamps
  • UV protective equipment
  • UV conversion screens
  • UV replacement tubes
  • Analog and digital thermal printers
  • Thermal printer paper