Gel Documentation
  • Digital Gel documentation and analysis software
  • Camera systems for any application from ethidium bromide to SYPRO ™-Orange
  • Fluorescence Imaging systems for gels and membranes
  • Quantification and documentation
  • UV and LED epi-illumination
  • Bioluminescence and Chemiluminescence systems for Western blots and Northern blots
  • Macroarrays and MTPs with substrates as ECL ™ or Luciferase
Analysis Software
  • For fluorescence and chemiluminescence imaging
UV instruments

UV transilluminators, UV handlamps, UV crosslinker, UV irradiation systems, UV radiometers, UV darkrooms, UV replacement tubes

Thin layer chromatography
  • Analysis systems for thin layer chromatography
  • Darkrooms with integrated UV lamps
  • Spectra RGB module
  • UV protective equipment
  • UV conversion screens
  • UV replacement tubes
  • Analog and digital thermal printers
  • Thermal printer paper