The highly sensitive chemiluminescent substrate is characterized by high signal stability and a quite low contribution to background. PURECLTM Dura is suitable for a wide range of different antibodies and protein concentrations. A reliable all-rounder.


Developed and tested on FUSION imagers, usable with CCD camera systems and X-ray films.


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QUANTUM CX5, tradition with modern technology

Exactly ten years after the market launch, the completely revised third generation of the popular QUANTUM imager for DNA and RNA gel fluorescence appears. Very compact dimensions, intuitive operation, state-of-the-art aquisition technology, flexibly selectable light sources and unsurpassed quality in this class remain the central features of this PC-based gel documentation system.


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E - BOX CX5 TS - a classic in modern garb

Even after 20 years of stand-alone gel documentation, the new E - BOX consistently focuses on compact size, easy operation and high quality.


A new darkroom, completely new electronics, a new camera, new optics, a new, larger and much better display, a completely new user interface.


The update to the 6th generation of the system is profoundly than ever before. The customer benefits especially in terms of automation and connectivity is immense .

The first pre-ordered systems are delivered to customers since the beginning of April.


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Western-Blot 2.0 with PURITY™ WB Detection System and PURECL™ Western Substrate

PURITY™ is the efficient complete solution for Western blots. The reagent makes complex optimizations superfluous, improves reproducibility, simplifies and speeds up work processes.

PURITY™ contains all components of the immune response except the
primary antibody. The final detection can be carried out with all commercially available HRP-dependent substrates. The highly sensitive PURECL™ Western substrate delivers particularly good results.


The new, highly sensitive chemiluminescent substrate PURECL™ enables shortest measuring times, lowest detection limits and is nevertheless extremely background neutral. It is adapted for the detection of HRP-dependent antibody reactions e.g. in Western blots. PURECL™ is suitable for use with CCD camera systems and X-ray films.


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