E - BOX CX5 TS - a classic in modern garb

Even after 20 years of stand-alone gel documentation, the new E - BOX consistently focuses on compact size, easy operation and high quality.


A new darkroom, completely new electronics, a new camera, new optics, a new, larger and much better display, a completely new user interface.


The update to the 6th generation of the system is profoundly than ever before. The customer benefits especially in terms of automation and connectivity is immense .

The first pre-ordered systems are delivered to customers since the beginning of April.


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New personal imager platform FUSION SOLO S

Compact exterior dimensions , uncompromising performance , extensive modularity and intelligent detail solutions.


Whether as a dedicated Western blot or a fluorescence ( gel ) imager . The new series is particularly suitable for laboratories that have little space or previously had access only to a department unit or a film developer.

Our systems use the optics of our FUSION FX Imagers. The new FUSION SOLO4S is available now, the FUSION SOLO3S will follow with new DARQ5S camera before the end of the year.


Extensive product update for gel documentation instruments

As a leading manufacturer of gel imaging system, we have raised the bar once again. The new models of the series BIO-PRINT, QUANTUM, INFINITY as well as the classic stand-alone system E-BOX have been upgraded to a more powerful camera technology and migrated to the new, improved software platform "VISION". The new darkroom CN-900 and numerous detail improvements complement the extensive update of this product range.


The delivery of the first pre-ordered units to our customers has already begun.



Near Infrared in FUSION CCD imager

The FUSION NET NIR SPECTRA module is the latest upgrade to our proven FUSION multi-application imagers. The optional module enables detection and measurement of NIR-IR fluorescence in addition to chemiluminescence, UV fluorescence and RGB (VIS) fluorescence. NIR SPECTRA is easy to upgrade and is supplemented by appropriate emission filters suitable for single and duplex fluorescence measurement.

Thus, the latest product development enables the FUSION multi-application imager to utilize the complete spectral range from ultraviolet to infrared.


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FUSION XPRESS - as well,  instead of either or?

The new FUSION X-PRESS combines qualities of our top gel documentation system (INFINITY) together with capabilities of our fully automated  FUSION imagers for Western blotting applications.
Flexible, versatile, modular. Perfect for users who want to keep all options open for future tasks.


New darkroom CN-1300

Originally developed for our top line INFINITY, the new CN-1300 comes with a slightly altered design and the well known high build quality. The new darkroom provides some additional features now available for our full range of PC-based gel documentation systems.



Maximum output on minimum space.

FUSION SOLO is the youngest member of the FUSION system family. The ultra-compact specialised system for chemiluminescence and bioluminescence imaging is available starting from now.


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The new, intelligent FUSION imaging systems.

The new optics with extremely high aperture even exceeds the sensitivity of the precursor systems. The new operation concept in combination with the new, intelligent dark room, supports the choice of the optimal system adjustments. The modular FUSION systems of the FX 8000 and SL 4000 series are available in many configurations, from single chemiluminescence up to fully-integrated multi imagers. Upgradings can elegantly be intergrated in system and software and allow fully-automated measurements with optimised signal/noise conditions.

The new generation of FUSION imaging systems for chemiluminescence and fluorescence measurements is available starting from now.


UV-free detection of nucleic acids: SKYLIGHT

Transillluminators with SKYLIGHT LED technique allow the visualisation of DNA and RNA without UV light. In the past, these have mainly been used for SYBR(R) and other alternative dyes. Starting from now, also labs which have not yet completely chosen to use alternative fluorophores can use this technique for the detection of ethidium bromide. The SKYLIGHT LED technology is available as an illumination option for all VILBER imaging systems of the new series. Contact us to get more information.